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New posters designed for The Grass Group

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Who are The Grass Group

The Grass Group is one of the UK’s leading turf care and management equipment suppliers. Thump has worked with The Grass Group on many different previous projects including their website and direct email marketing campaigns.

The Creative Brief

The Grass Group needed posters to draw people in at at BTME GolfBIC, the golf business and industry exhibition in Harrogate. At this exhibition, The Grass Group are demonstrating the Progressive ProFlex 120. The posters need to be attention grabbing, direct and creative. They need to display the benefits of this particular mower efficiently, to the many attendees.

How Thump delivered creatively 

Thump considered many different factors in order to design these posters. We wanted to attract the key audience of decision makers. To do this, Thump emphasised benefits to the decision makers, such as groundsmen and turf professionals. Benefits to them included the quality of the work, such as the finish, and the cost efficiency of the ProFlex 120. All of the colours correspond to The Grass Group branding. The design is also bright and direct, without being overpowering. Thump included photography of real-life use of the ProFlex 120, in order to help decision makers visualise ownership quickly, and without lengthy explanations. The key call to action was to drive sales enquiry at the exhibition where the ProFlex 120 will be on display, therefore information should be limited yet persuasive in the poster.

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Grass Groups posters

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