Integral to Thump’s working philosophy is an integrated marketing strategy. We started with a rebranding for Euroview, however, in order to truly reflect their new commercial direction and revitalisation, they needed more.


Following the rebranding, Euroview also needed to improve their digital marketing. Much like their previous logo, Euroview’s website was outdated, with little marketing activity happening. Their new website needed to reach out and appeal to a new audience with their focus on the commercial venture.


Thump wanted to focus on clarity, in a multi-faceted format. We new the website needed to give clarity into exactly what Euroview’s abilities and previous projects were. Following demographic and competitor research, we saw that case studies were important in the industry. Our website design and build needed to be flexible to accommodate both copy and images well in order to create a successful user experience journey through the site.


The final result was a website that was striking, user friendly and cross-device compatible. The design was heavily influenced by architecture. There is a linear and structural theme running throughout, both in the layout and design build. We wanted to showcase the case studies and projects that Euroview has done with CMS built behind it, to ensure it never becomes outdated. These projects are able to show the breadth of different application of Euroview’s capabilities. The simple clean lines of the brand translated through to the website in a number of different ways. With a large focus on the website to be aesthetically pleasing, we used linear icons, accordions, succinct pockets of information, and parallexes throughout.

Thump was able to create a website that represented Euroview’s offering and philosophy. The attention to detail across all projects is emphasised throughout, and quality is the primary focus. Considering the demographic of industrial intermediaries and architects, and Euroview’s standard of work; the website has an element of grandeur. Thump has also created and developed various social media channels for Euroview including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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