One of the most recent projects Thump has been working on is for Euroview. Our first task involved a rebrand to reflect the company’s values, philosophy and new business direction.


Bringing Euroview to the modern world with a brand transition

Following Euroview’s move to competing in a bigger market, their brand needed to represent this elevated business offering. Their previous logo and name, ‘Village Glass’ didn’t suit the purpose of the new commercial direction of the company. Euroview wanted to build communication with new audiences starting on the right foot with a new brand identity.


Understanding the core values

Thump started the creative process by listening to exactly what Euroview wanted with their new brand. From here, we were able to build the foundation of their business. We focused on a few key words that described the company: dynamic, collaborative, confident, and memorable. Thump wanted the logo to be a symbol, as it this gives an authoritative outlook of the brand. Within the industry, symbols and stamps are often as official accreditations. This stands to the experience and standard of the work by Euroview. Furthermore, with the new commercial venture and the technology they use, Euroview’s brand needed emphasise their modernity.


Clean and Memorable Logo

Thump created a simple yet effective logo. The bold ‘E’ symbolises a building block, with a glass. The subtly tinted shape gave a dynamic 3-dimensional feel. The typography used is a geometric sans serif typeface that is based on Richard Neutra’s principles of architecture and design. The memorability of this branding revolution comes as a combination of a well-considered concept of the delicate blue colour and the strength of the typography and shape.

Business Card Euroview Rebrand