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Rebrand and stationery design for Dandelion Catering

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Who are Dandelion Catering

Dandelion Catering is a catering service in East Anglia, based in Suffolk, which as been established for over 20 years. Their professional catering services are primarily event based and suitable for both small and large events. Currently, they offer wedding, parties and event catering; event management and resourcing; domestic catering events; commercial and business catering alongside training and cookery courses. Dandelion Catering prides itself on their exquisite food and exceptional service. Their personal style is contemporary, precise, yet delicious, local food.

The creative brief

Dandelion wanted a brand which truly reflected their business and catering offering. Their previous branding was outdated and didn’t reflect the quality of the company. The new branding and stationery needed to generate awareness and recognition of Dandelion with clarity of offering representing the quality and expertise. They wanted the image to be distinct with the brand value to be inherent. Their stationery needed to be consistent with the brand, and to be memorable and eye catching.

Thump’s creativity for Dandelion Catering

The aprons used by employees at their events became one of the key recognisable features. Thump wanted to use this as a foundation for their brand, and did so by incorporating the green colour of the aprons. Colour is incredibly important in branding considering that colour increases brand recognition by 80%. The creative team at Thump put much consideration into whether this green was right choice. We researched into the associations of green – which is the second most favourable colour in business identity. In business, ‘green’ represents reliability, hardworking nature and confidence. This was exactly what Dandelion’s brand exudes.


For the logo, Thump aimed to be clear and effective. We chose a friendly and personal script face to represent the creative side of Dandelion which is juxtaposed with a sans serif typeface underneath. This secondary heading in the logo opens the opportunity of sub-branding, for example, between catering and events to highlight the scope of the Dandelion business offering.

Dandelion Business Cards

For the stationery, Thump wanted to use the photography of Dandelion events to showcase what they do. Prospective clients are 10 times more likely to keep business if they’re colourful and eye-catching, and in consideration 88% of business cards are disposed within a week, being memorable was incredibly important. Across all stationery, including business cards, letterheads, and compliment slips, we have chosen a double sided approach.

If you need help with your branding and creative challenges, Thump can help. Call us on 01638 663600 and let’s discuss ideas.

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