How 5G Will Change Digital Marketing

Technology is constantly evolving and becomes quicker with every update. How will the introduction of 5G affect the world of digital marketing?

Mobile Video on 5G

Mobile video has been growing exponentially and the release 5G will push it even further. In 2018 alone, the world is expected to watch 25% more video on mobiles than in 2017. However, 60% of video viewing is still occurring at home via a broadband connection. This will change with 5G. This type of mobile connection will offer a better video-viewing experience on any device, so you won’t need a broadband connection. This is because 5G will make download speeds of 10,000 Mbps standard.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is taking over lives and homes all around. Due to 5G’s ability for constant connectivity, more IoT devices will be developed. From wearables to home appliances, 5G enables a life network. For marketers, this will give us more data and understanding in the way consumers are choosing how to live. The Internet of Things will push more of the purchasing journey into the digital realm thus providing opportunities for marketing strategies such as contextual commerce.

VR into the mainstream

Virtual Reality has been slowly infiltrated into the mainstream. Starting off with augmented reality utilising apps primarily on social media, the ability of 5G will offer more. VR devices will become more accessible and affordable therefore it is a platform that marketers need to maximise on. Ultimately, this offers the perfect opportunity to improve the customer experience. Augmented and personalised advertising will be a much more plausible concept with the introduction of 5G as it will have the connected support required for success.

5G offers marketers a plethora of marketing opportunities owing to customisable connectivity. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be 20.8 billion connected devices and 5G will allow empowering mobile marketing.

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