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who we are

Thump Creative is centred on a hub of ideas, creativity, and ambition. We are free-thinkers focused on connecting with the world. We push the boundaries of creativity to communicate innovation. Thump Creative is a multi-channel creative agency that engages, in every sense of the word.

Our Flywheel Thinking

Unite Data and Creativity

How we work

Our marketing communications skills give your customers exactly what they want using insights and data united with unique creative executions.

Understanding the brand
We start by understanding your brand, values, objectives, and audience. Initial insights allow us to build engaging strategies with tactical approaches.

Innovative Ideas
Thump creates content that cuts through the noise with interest, relevance, and value to your audience. We are visionary in our creative work to fulfil strategic objectives with originality.

Flywheel Thinking
A lasting impression is more than a great idea. We implement, monitor, and adjust to create effective executions of all we do with self-sustaining marketing tactics. By utilising key data and feedback from marketing iterations, we can adapt to your exact audience behaviours.


We love to uncover the heart
and soul of your brand


We know how to build your
brand story with insightful data

Flywheel Thinking


Great to Better
Thump offers low-risk high-reward marketing with our Flywheel Thinking. We unite creative ideas with insightful data to create the journey from great to better. We apply our Flywheel Thinking to all aspects from our work, from website development to social media. Our team is focused on ensuring consistency and relevance to your audience in every aspect of our marketing communications. Our perfect partnership of creativity and data perpetuating each other is our unique way of working.

Want to find out more about how you can benefit with a forward-thinking marketing agency like Thump? Get in touch with us on 01638 663600 or email info@thumped.co.uk