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The Misuse of Marketing Agencies


At Thump, we love being a Marketing Agency. Our jobs are different every day, we work with brands from all over the world, all different industries, and have to face new and exciting challenges consistently. Naturally, what we do involves pitching for work, however, companies can also abuse marketing agencies through this. We’ve put together some of pitches that we’ve…

Rethinking Brand Architecture for Modern Marketing


Brand Architecture is simply the structure of multiple brands within 1 organisation. This structure states the relationships between brands within a company’s portfolio including relations and differentiations. For organisations that have multiple brands, this structure is integral as it reflects and reinforces the core purpose of the corporate parent brand, as well as support and manage the sub-divisions. As the…

The Emotions of Marketing

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing

Emotions are present in every decision, every thought process, and every action. Digital Marketing has changed how emotions are displayed, expressed, and ultimately, how they can be harnessed for powerful messaging.  How do emotions impact marketing? Consumer emotions are a barometer to the success of digital campaigns. Every marketer should know the implications of emotions into their strategy, as well…