Case Studies

The Big Prawn Company is a seafood processor based in Norfolk, importing seafood from around the world and processing it for the UK Market. They do a variety of products with 3 different brands, as well as white-labelled products for retailers such as Lidl, Aldi, Waitrose, and Morrisons.


Thump developed a magazine-hybrid style website for The Big Prawn Company with 4 primary sections: Inspire, Care, Know, and Together. These sections were chosen following a full demographic breakdown of the target audience as well as a MarComms Strategy. Content is continually added to the site to ensure relevance and fresh information, which has been able to significantly impact of positive results of active and returning users. This content is created by Thump and carefully chosen contributors who we manage.


The Big Prawn Company do not sell directly to consumers, however, the purpose of their consumer-focused digital marketing strategy was to increase consumer pull-through and leverage trade relationships via increased consumer visibility.


Thump has also completed 2 PPC campaigns for Big Prawn. The PPC campaign focused on increased the visibility of the Facebook page, and ultimately, widening our Social Community. We devised 2 3-month campaigns that had a brand awareness objective featuring a variety of slideshow videos, copy, headlines, and buttons. These were rigorously tested against the Facebook audience (which we created commensurate to our MarComms Strategy audience) until the initial learning period was complete.

Our results proved the power of PPC:

The first campaign achieved:

  • 6,266 Page Likes
  • Reached 141,040 users
  • Cost per Result £0.24

This campaign had a big impact on the website analytics:

  • Users increased by 74%
  • Sessions increased by 83%
  • Social Acquisition shifted from 7.4% of all users to 31%

When compared to Google’s Aggregate Data for our industry average:

  • Total sessions were 446% better
  • Social session were 708% better

The PPC Advertising also impact other aspects of web acquisition due to brand penetration and cognitive recognition:

  • Organic search sessions are 201% better than the industry average
  • Direct acquisition were 52% better

The second campaign achieved similar results, however, was impacted with various algorithm changes and updates from Facebook. As a result, we adjusted and adapted our strategy to suit Facebook.

The second campaign resulted in:

  • 5,065 Page Likes (taking the Big Prawn Facebook page to over 10,000 Likes)
  • Reached 139,995 users
  • Cost per results: £0.26

Although these results seem lower than the first campaign, it had a bigger impact on the industry average:

  • Website sessions were 481% better than the industry average
  • Social sessions were 658% better than the industry average
  • Organic sessions were 288% better
  • Direct sessions were 65% better