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Boom Time for QR Codes in a Touch-less World

Boom Time for QR Codes in a Touch-less World Thump CreativeConnecting two worlds: the physical and the digital, QR codes are experiencing a new found life thanks to the pandemic and the fear of contamination through touch which has been drilled into the psyche of people.

QR Codes have been around since 1994 but their popularity declined, becoming almost obsolete until now. QR readers are now native to smartphone cameras, so users no longer need to download a separate app to scan a code. These days, consumers are all about ease and frictionless experiences. One of the major User Experience benefits of the QR Code is that users can whip out their mobile phone and seamlessly scan one without the headache of a download and more and more marketers and businesses utilising them in their services.

There are two different kinds of QR codes that exist: static and dynamic. As implied, static codes are hardcoded once they’re best used for tasks like sharing an email address or contact information. Dynamic codes don’t store data but instead redirect the scanner, much like when you share a link to a webpage. But they’re not limited just to webpages. Dynamic QR codes can also lead you to a coupon, event page, a PDF and even SMS text creation. If needed, you can change up the contents or type of dynamic code without regenerating a fresh code. This makes dynamic codes ideal for marketing campaigns.

How can QR codes be used in marketing?

Share Social media accounts
Social Media platforms like Instagram now offer you the ability to customise your account’s QR code. When scanned, the person is led directly to your profile, where they can then hit the button to follow you

Share food or service menus
Avoid consulting the physical menu of a restaurant, accessing the works of a museum, reserving places for a holiday or check in for a flight.

A coupon QR Code can be posted on social media, in an aisle at a retail store or printed out on flyers. After scanning the code, the consumer is led to a coupon that’s available online or in an app. A  great way to bring in new customers or increase brand loyalty.

Ask for feedback
QR Codes on signage on doors, tables or sending them through email. The code takes the customer to the survey or review site to make it easier for them to leave their feedback.

Pay Bills
PayPal has rolled out a touch-less payment option for businesses all powered by a simple QR code.

Provide product information
QR codes on product packaging encourages customers to learn more about a product. They can be linked to anything from a promotional video to a quick start guide to how to assemble the product.

Offers and free gifts
Scanning a QR code to lead directly to the entry form is fast and simple, encouraging giveaway participation, make it easy for people to join in

Convenient to scan, customisable to be more visually appealing and armed with data expect to see the QR at the forefront of marketing techniques for years to come.