Brand & Strategy

The foundation of communication

At Thump, we know that building a brand is the cornerstone of modern marketing. A brand must have a clear vision in order to succeed in today’s marketplace. It is essential that you develop a cohesive and comprehensive marketing strategy that is defined by your brand vision, executed in all methodologies of communication. Our Flywheel thinking is focused on building your brand creatively using data from audience analysis.


A brand is more than a logo or a tagline. A brand is a promise to your audience. It’s building up a connection with your audience at every touchpoint of communication. Thump creates unforgettable brands that resonate with your audience.


Building a brand and growing your business requires the careful planning and management of multiple marketing platforms. Our strategies ensure that your communications is always on brand, on the right channel to market, and relevant to your audience. To make your branding visions a reality, your strategy has to be effective. Using our Flywheel thinking, we build your strategy creatively with influence through data and feedback. Build momentum with every turn of your marketing communications.