In our previous blog we looked at how the traditional business card often gives your potential customers an insight into your business and your brand. We’ve decided to follow that up and look into how the exchange of business cards can benefit you further by doing something a little bit different. It can be as simple as telling them what you do, where you work and how to contact you but business cards also provide a great opportunity to be creative and help you stand out from your competitors. It isn’t all about the design of your business cards, the content, printing and materials used can all be crucial to showing your brand in the best possible light.

Whether it’s a new company looking for brand development, an existing company after some up-to-date rebranding or maintaining current brand guidelines in the production of new business cards, Thump always tries to do something that will get you recognised and remembered. We’ve given a glimpse of the way we think by compiling a list of our favourite business card designs in the list below:


  1. One sure-fire way to win over your potential customers is to give away a freebie before you’ve even done business with them. Obviously making it relative to your industry makes it more effective and this clever design for a hair and make-up artist does just that.


  1. Another approach you could take is to not just explain or describe the service you offer, but use an engaging business card design that does it for you. This peel away sticker concept for a personal trainer is fun, impactful and tells the recipient what they can expect with minimal copy.


  1. Getting your audience to engage with your business cards is a great way to stick in their minds. This pop-up box piece of core stationery may be simple, but it’s certainly effective. It shows the brand, working in the cargo industry, to be forward-thinking and creative whilst managing to make it relevant to what they do.


  1. Humour can be a tough nut to crack with branding. Get it right and you’re a genius, but get it wrong and it can be hard to recover. We love this tear-apart divorce lawyer business card idea (it’s one way to halve the costs of business card printing as well!).


  1. This post-marriage counselling printed business card is another great take on what can so often be a sore subject. Imagine having two cards in front of you, this and the standard printed business card that offers the same service. We know what one we’d choose.


  1. A business card doesn’t necessarily have to be made out of card. In fact, doing something a little bit different could be a beneficial investment to make. These miniature yoga mat business ‘cards’ made from foldable foam are a smart and innovative alternative to what most competitors in the industry would use.


  1. A lot of businesses position themselves as being transparent, yet very few use their stationery as a means to show this. There’s so much to this photography business card that would make the recipient want to know more. It asks them to look through the card, much like the photographer would look through the lens.


  1. We’ve already spoken about how giving away something free can really endear your brand to potential customers. This lawn and property enhancement business card doesn’t just give its recipient seeds, it gives them a reason to call and use their services.


  1. This two-part dentist’s business card is another example of being creative and using core stationery as a means to interact with your customers and ensure they remember who you are and what you do. The messaging and link between the tooth cavity and phone on the inner business card design couldn’t be clearer.


  1. What’s better than a clever business card that people will remember? A business card that can be used everyday and will constantly remind its user about your business and how to get in contact. This yoga straw uses the bend to denote what the business does, with the remainder of the straw used to advertise their services.

Thump has the creative expertise to produce a distinct and impactful business card that’s right for you. If you’d like to see some of the work we’ve done check it out here: or get in contact to find out more!

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