How does the Facebook Algorithm affect you

You may have heard or seen various headlines claiming changes to the Facebook algorithm. However, do you know what this really means, or what the impact of this may be on your marketing? Read below to find out how these changes will affect your social media marketing.

Recently, Facebook as changed the news feed algorithm in terms of preferences. As a result, Facebook now prioritises content from a user’s family, friends, and groups. This consequences in less content from businesses, brands, and media. For all social media marketers and digital publishers, this isn’t an ideal situation.

Mark Zuckerberg has claimed this change in algorithm was due to his ‘responsibility to make sure [Facebook] services aren’t just fun to use, but also good for people’s well-being.” Facebook believes that content that is based around your Facebook Friends is more meaningful.

Naturally, as this algorithm starts to take over following a roll out, businesses will see a significant decrease in organic reach. If your content isn’t appearing on the News Feeds of your audience and followers, they cannot engage with it.

How your Facebook marketing needs to change

So what will this change actually mean for social media marketing? Zuckerberg foresees there will be a decrease in Facebook interaction. However, with 60% of UK businesses now using social media, you don’t need to worry and scrap all your social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook now needs a dedicated strategy to help your business to be seen on News Feed. You need to encourage the right sort of engagement with your audience. This is the engagement that Zuckerberg describes as ‘meaningful’. However, there is a balance in getting this right.

Content has never been more important. Every post you do needs careful consideration. Avoid engagement-bait style posts which will end up pushing your audience away.

At this point in your social media strategy, PPC campaigns are even more important. With the ability to tailor and target specific audiences, A/B testing, and various objectives, this could be key in building brand awareness and more. However, it’s all about getting all components spot on for successful native advertising.

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