Cinemagraphs are more than a photo but not quite a video. They fall somewhere in between the aforementioned categories by repeating minor movements that occur in a still image on a loop to form a video clip. These enticing and captivating pieces of media have been popping up all over the place in the advertising world of late. A creative spin on traditional forms of imagery, this form of engaging content is effectively a living photo that grabs the audience’s attention.

This relatively new form of media was first used by Graphics artist Kevin Burg and photographer Jamie Beck when they collaborated on a story for New York’s Fashion Week and since then, this format has become extremely popular. Like anything that is slightly different or has that little edge on anything else, the popularity of the cinemagraph is sure to grow in the near future.


Cinemagraphs are extremely powerful visuals. Once you start staring at one, you’ll find that it’s quite difficult to look away. They are better than videos because they don’t eat up as much bandwidth, and they’re certainly much better than a simple still shot, because you get all the benefits of storytelling with a layer of wonder, mystique, and elegance. There’s minimal restrictions on where and when these types of images can be used, they can be applied to any industry and help promote whatever kind of product or service your business provides!

There is no end to the possibilities that cinemagraphs bring about and they’re now easier to produce than ever before. It’s certainly a great way to allow your brand to stand out amongst your competitors and help to encourage engagement amongst your audience.

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