5 easy ways to improve your business presentations

Business / 10th June 2017 / Posted by Thump

Every business recognises the importance of presentations. To capture attention and truly make an impact, your presentational skills should reflect the standard of the work and your business. These are some of the biggest presentation trends for 2017.

Conversational Presenting

In a conversation, your brain naturally syncs up and mirrors to your partner. Conversational presenting has proven to be extremely successful. 72% of people found two-way presentation more memorable than linear ones. This is because conversation presentations encourages face to face interaction. This, therefore, builds up trust and a sense of genuine knowledge. This plays into the whole brand experience and ensuring that you’re giving a positive impression of your brand from the beginning. Conversational presentations are highly beneficial at every single point in the buyer process to the potential lead as you can personalise them. A conversation flows and is adjustable to the needs of the recipient. This helps you to make a successful presentation in relation to all their pain points whilst being engaging.

Storytelling presentations

Storytelling is a vital part of many marketing and advertising campaigns, and should not be overlooked for presentations. The most important aspect of storytelling is its ability to bring your content to life, thus creating a vivid realisation for the recipient. Storytelling has the ability to bring the content to life. Complex information from a presentation with no back-story makes it very difficult for our brains to retain. If you use a storytelling technique you give an opportunity, for whoever you’re presenting to, to create an emotional connection.

Virtual reality in presentations

Virtual reality has filtered its way into the mainstream media. The use of VR is very dependent on the business in which you are, and whether it suits the needs and style. Mostly to consider is the audience and whether they would engage with a virtual reality presentation. Use of VR is certainly an arresting ploy in presentation skills, and also ensures full immersion into the presentation.

Animation in presentation 

Animation is no new concept in presentations. Since the wide scale powerpoint style presentations, we have been able to use animations and transitions. However, there are new ways to incorporate animations in both consumer and B2B presentations. Video is incredibly important in marketing for 2017, especially considering its already been dubbed the year of the video. Combining video and animation reaches a happy medium of cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs link together visualisation and storytelling which attracts the audience’s attention to avoid dipping points and keeps your content engaging. Cinemagraphs are much more creative and artistic in comparison to GIFs. This gives your presentation sophistication alongside the perfect opportunity to showcase your creativity. Further, including visuals in presentations is known to increase retention by 55%, which will only be amplified further with a ‘living photograph’.

Design your presentations

Design has always been important in presentations considering that the hardest challenges have always been focus and retention. Keeping in trend with design features which are popular is very important to establish yourself as forefront of trend and staying up to date. Visuals can be very attracting without being elaborate. With lots of different attention grabbing traits, alongside a myriad of information having a heavy design can be too much. Strike balance between your presenting style and also your design. Some design aspects which you should focus on include symmetry, emphasis, unity and movement.


What do you use in your business presentations to make sure you stand out from the crowd?

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