Flexibility Fuels Originality

Being flexible in marketing leads to creativity and originality.

Flexibility in marketing leads to creativity and originality.

The success of many small agencies depends on the ability to leverage flexibility and develop fresh ideas. Taking Thump as an example, each team member must be an expert at his or her job but also requires the flexibility to develop additional skills. Being a small agency, we can encourage this personal development as it ultimately leads to development of the project and satisfaction for the client.

Each of the team is exposed to a broad array of tactics. They must learn when to use each tool to solve a range of client challenges. In order to problem solve, one must be flexible. Marketing is redefining itself everyday therefore rigidity will not deliver.  Flexibility is the key to success. Every touch point, ranging from retail to social media, provides an opportunity to expand the deliverable.

Good agencies need to help clients shift from interruptive messages to immersive experiences. Size can often play a factor into this flexibility as smaller agencies often have a lesser tendency to hold onto tradition. With the ever-changing dynamics of marketing, smaller agencies such as Thump can excel without the constraint of a ‘legacy strait jacket’.  We can focus on client needs and can shift roles and deliverables based on the target audience, understanding, passion and not the internal business model and financial edicts.

Flexibility in agencies ultimately comes down to people, especially people within the agency who can shape-shift for necessity. In smaller agencies, this is an easier feat considering the camaraderie built within. Humans develop with, and as, communities which is exactly what a small agency can offer. Interactions with clients, and each other, fuels our need to excel. This need often comes in the form of flexibility.

Small agencies will be innovative and original in order to be commercially viable within a competitive marketplace. However, for agencies such as Thump, it is much more than being viable. With our team members being flexible with their ideas and abilities, we excel in creating breakthrough brands and always put a premium on creativity.

Survival may require flexibility but originality thrives on it.

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