Four Top Tips to Improve your Twitter Marketing

If you own a business and you’re not on Twitter, you’re already behind. Twitter allows your business the opportunity to increase your brand visibility in an inexpensive, yet efficient way. Twitter can provide data about customers that you and your team can easily access and capitalise on that. Recent statistics estimate that 326 million people are using Twitter every month and 500 million tweets are sent each day, which equates to 5,787 tweets every second.

Although many companies are still reluctant to integrate Twitter into their social media mix, our top tips can portray the best methods to harness the social media platform to serve your business.

Focus on your Audience

Connect with individuals on where and when it matters the most. Decide on whom you are trying to reach and figure out how they want to be spoken to. Try to connect with people based on the brands they follow, their age and their behaviours. A great way to monitor your audience is by creating a list, which creates specific news feed on Twitter.

Relevant Content

Create content that is unique, but also relevant. Utilise hashtags that are relevant to your audience and most importantly, use hashtags that they will understand. Try to develop a series that you can evolve over time; linking tweets around a common theme. Good examples of this include:

  • Sharing unknown facts about your business industry
  • History of your industry
  • Key information about your products or services

Remember to focus on content that your audience will engage with.

Keeping Twitter Authentic

Don’t default to lead generation content, rather communicate with your audience honestly and personally. Create content that is honest and transparent without becoming too “salesy.” Social media has made it easy for businesses to hide and create facades, but by being honest you reduce the disparity between brand and audience and create a relationship of trust. This relationship of trust is much more likely to continue into brand loyalty.

Consistency of your Tweeting

The average lifespan of a tweet is twenty seconds, which can be a daunting statistic for those who don’t know enough about social media marketing but leverage this challenge into an opportunity. By creating lots of tweets consistently through daily activity, you’ll generate more engagement and improve the longevity of each tweet. The more you’re on Twitter, the more likely you are to increase your followers, build valuable relationships and make connections that your business needs.

Our Flywheel Thinking utilised data harnessed through social media listening, our own experience and upon analysis to understand what the audience wants then adapt your strategy to suite your audience. A strategy isn’t ever going to be successful if it’s not adjusted in light of what your audience and data shows. Remember to be creative, because otherwise, engagement will naturally go down if they aren’t creative and unique ideas.

If you’d like to know more about social media marketing on Twitter or other social media platforms, please get in touch with Thump at 01638 663600

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