The growing power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been one of the most radical trends in marketing in the last year. As it grows, businesses and personal brands have benefitted. This marketing craze might have influenced the whole platform of digital marketing in the foreseeable future.

An influencer is gone far past previous marketing ideas of celebrity endorsement. Word of mouth recommendations run through social media like wildfire, but as users are becoming more marketing-aware, they’re look for someone they can trust. This is why selecting your influencer carefully has never been so important. You need to think very carefully about the audience you want to target and find an influencer that is relatable to that demographic. This is why influencer marketing works so well, and why 67% of marketers think influencer marketing campaigns helped them reach a more targeted audience.

Increased level of influencer involvement

Over the next year, the level of influencer content creation and product interaction is set to increase. Publishing frequency is set to increase by 74%, blogs posts by 66%, live video by 58%, and podcasting by 34%. Audiences are becoming far more trusting of products used and, most importantly, endorsed by influencers. In fact, 49% of consumers rely on recommendations from influencers that they see on Twitter.

Social platforms adapting for influencers

Social media is the primary platform for influencers. As traction for this style of marketing increases, many different channels are catering to the needs of influencer marketing. By improving the experience of sponsored content, social media channels hope to support influencers. Facebook now allows brands to share influencer posts directly with choses audience and allows the influencer to tag businesses in branded content. Instagram made sponsored content easier to spot in order to comply with FTC disclosure policies, and found new ways to encourage engagement with audience such as polls on Instagram stories.

Influencer marketing officially in the marketing mix

Using influencers is going to become a core part of the marketing mix. Currently, although many have implemented influencer marketing, 41% are spending less than 5% of budgets on it. Influencer marketing will progress from an ‘as and when’ situation into ‘always’. It’ll be recognised more and more as a veritable tactic, considering it can generate 11X the ROI of traditional advertising with more measurability. As official brand endorsers, the power of influencers will become integral and constant.

Brands need to understand the true power of influencer marketing, and how to manage it. Social media is a shopper’s go-to nowadays. 47% of social purchases are made via Facebook alone. Influencer marketing capitalises on the change in user journey and marketing.

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