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How To Develop A Successful Video Sales Funnel

How To Develop A Successful Video Sales Funnel Thump CreativeMarketing funnels are tools that helps you envision the buyer journey or a path a potential customer may take as they familiarise themselves with your company. Typically, this style of funnel is applied to sales processes, however, with the surge of video content marketing, developing video funnels can prove a success with your audience. In fact, 76% of marketers say that it helped them increase their traffic significantly. By creating a video funnel, you instigate intentional and deliberate progress towards a defined goal. This ensures relevant content at every touchpoint of your brand, which will naturally increase propensity to achieve your objective.

The 4 stages of the funnel


Customer stage: Your potential prospects are becoming aware of a problem and need to do some research to put into context.
Video response: Demonstrate the value of your product/service to address a need or problem. Be helpful and provide educational content. Create a good first impression by being upfront, professional and informative. Don’t try to sell or give specific product information, rather make it simple for prospects to understand your brand and values.


Customer stage: Your potential prospects have a clear idea of the problem and analyse all the alternatives available to address it.
Video response: Introduce your product or services to prospects and nurture them with targeted content. Try not to push or introduce irrelevant content, rather aim for a combination of of practical content and content that displays social proof. At this stage, your prospects know who you are, but they want to know more. Video is the perfect way to empower them to make better decisions. If you produce the right ones, they’ll end up clicking from video to video, researching at their own pace and find useful, understandable, relevant information (i.e., testimonials, case studies, comparisons videos, etc.)


Customer stage: Your prospects have made up their minds that you offer the best solution to their problem.
Video response: Convince your prospect to buy by talking about the benefits of your products/service. Create a sense of urgency to compel prospects to buy. Offer discounts and use promotions. Videos at this stage are all about answering the questions your prospects have about your product or service. Videos should make viewers feel confident and comfortable about your ability to meet their needs (i.e., testimonial videos, tutorial videos, personalised videos, webinars etc.)

Loyalty and advocacy

Customer stage: Continue to build trust with your customers, and they continue to support you to the point where they start telling others about your brand.
Video Response: Avoid forgetting about your customers once they’ve made a purchase, rather provide give them awesome service and turn them into fans who’ll promote your products/services to family and friends. The advocacy stage of the funnel is when your efforts really start to scale. Your customers start telling others about you and showing they’re proud of their relationship with you on social media. According to Nielsen, 84% of people trust the recommendations of friends and family over marketing campaigns.

At each stage of the funnel, you need to figure out how to distribute your video content to reach your target audience. You want to find out where your potential customers are to be found online or where they might look for certain information.

Posting videos on social media can help you reach an audience. Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are a good place to start. Each social media platform is suitable for different types and lengths of videos. At Thump we can handle all levels of video production as well as social media management and distribution. Want to find out more about how you can benefit with a forward-thinking and creative marketing agency like Thump? Get in touch with us on 01638 663600 or email info@thumped.co.uk