How to Discover Customer Intent with Data

It is firmly agreed that collecting data is one of the most important factors to marketing strategies, but what do you do with the data once you’ve got it? Data isn’t of any use just being stored. It must be analysed, interpreted, and then implementation of observations can then be made. There is so much useful data that is available, but you have to consider what is important for your brand, your values, and your KPIs.

You should always start your data analysis with understanding intent and anticipating the needs of your customer throughout their journey. Today’s customer journeys are defined by user signals, activity, and behaviours. When you understand this, you understand your customer’s intent.

So what data should you be collating to understand your customer?

Relevant Customer Channels

Understand the full picture of your customer – how do they want to receive information, where are they finding their information, and what do they want to do with it? Don’t just choose one channel to focus on – you have to observe communications from a 360˚ perspective. Connect together all the channels including online, offline, and physical interactions.

Align Performance and Analytics

Focusing on behaviour based information such as engagement, bounce rate, and event tracking is the best way to understand performance of your website. Connect your customer analysis with an attribute-based approach when focusing on intent – what is your customer willing to give to you in response to your offering.

Journeys aren’t sprints

Understanding your customer’s journey and intent must be analysed over a substantial period of time, subject to your campaign. Do not confuse one-offs and offers for permanent engagement, as this could be misleading. Always factor these elements in, but take the time to truly understand the customer journey in order to clarify intent and ultimately improve their experience with your brand.

So why do you need to identify customer intent? Customer intent is an important driver for business growth. It helps set the foundation for your marketing strategy.

With Thump’s Flywheel approach, we always start with understanding your customer: their intent, desires, pain points and more. Our focus is creating prescriptive micro-segmentations in order to nurture and create successful strategies and campaigns. With this, we utilise important data in order to influence the strategic thinking behind our creative ideas. If your marketing strategy needs realigning with what your audience truly wants, call Thump at 01638 663600 or email

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