Marketing automation: what is it and why you need it

Marketing automation is one of the biggest buzzwords in the marketing world, and it’s set to take marketing into a whole new area. A core aspect of inbound marketing, marketing automation is the ideal way to create personalised and dynamic content to attract your targeted audience. Marketing automation allows your business to generate more leads, convert the to revenue and prove marketing ROI.

Why is marketing automation important?

Marketing automation has played into the drastic change in the buyer landscape. The buyer’s journey has shifted from a generic, seller-controlled process into a buyer-powered and self motivated process. This is owing to the wealth of information available through technological advances and the digital age. So how does this affect your marketing? Your message needs to be targeted and personal in order to be brought to the attention of your audience. The average buyer has already done at least 12 pieces of research before sourcing a solution. Then, there is a requirement to nurture these leads with relevant content to turn them into customers.

There is a marketing challenge facing many us, with many barriers to closing a sale. These barriers are both quantitative and qualitative problems concerning leads. Further, by 2020 it is predicted that buyers will manage 85% of their journey without even talking to a human. This causes great problems with marketing, and businesses in general, as with a lack of conversation, how will your audience know you? Plus, even if you do get lead, only 27% of those sent to sales are qualified.  What marketers need to do now is to bring the element of human conversation to a digital era.

How marketing automation helps

Marketing automation is a set of tools and processes which allows you to create enhanced personalised conversations and broaden your marketing funnel. The automation aspect allows for greater personalisation, even though they seemingly sound paradoxical. Marketing automation technology takes away the stress of dealing with individual leads, but gives them individualised content. Marketing automation reduces your time, but maximises your content through parameters set within the technology, by you.

What can you do with marketing automation

Marketing automation is the complete solution to modern marketing. With this technology, you are able to generate more leads through identifying web visitors, and starting them on their buyer journey with your business. These web visitors conclude in an increased number of qualified leads owing to personalised content being automatically sent to them based on their interest in your business. Marketing automation also gives you the abilities to identifying on what stage in the buying process your leads are. This gives you the perfect opportunity to follow up with sales, up-sell, and cross-sell by developing your customers. This all combines into comprehensive ROI for every marketing tactic, with reporting and tracking throughout this end-to-end solution.

Marketing automation is no longer a luxury, but a must-have for today’s businesses. It drives a 451% increase in qualified for leads in businesses, and can establish you as an industry leader. Get in touch with Thump if you’re interested in learning more about how marketing automation can help your business.

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