Marketing Trends for 2020

As we enter 2020, marketing communications is ever-changing. These are the latest trends set to take the new year by storm in the digital marketing world.

Engagement Based Emails

At Thump, engagement has always been at the forefront of our strategies and thinking processes. It has always been about engagement for Thump. This concept is expanding into the wide mainstream and into mediums that it wasn’t necessarily considered before, such as emails. Email marketing has recently been evolving in consideration of consumption, design, and even delivery. Dynamic content can boost your email engagement and to take action directly from the emails as opposed to being taken to a separate page. The content can typically be polls, quizzes, surveys, animated call-to-actions, and even add-to-calendar events.

 Shoppable Socials 

Social Media is becoming completely integrated with our every day lives, including our buying. Shoppable posts have existed on Social Media for a couple of years, however, in 2020 the integration has been improved with a range of third party applications. This means that social feeds will be filled more with posts that are directly shoppable. Particularly on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, users are growing and buying based on their feeds and stories. These interactive ads should also minimise bounce rate and reduce sales funnels as they offer a completely seamless shopping experience.

Smart Ad Bidding

Its no surprise to digital marketers that Google and Facebook topped the digital ad spends in 2020. In order to compete against each other, these tech giants are focusing on offering brands the best return on their spending by using smart ad bidding options. Google recently announced a smarter automated bidding that uses machine learning to optimise towards the performance targets. Facebook is also focusing on local business and event-based ad support in order to help their brands.

Micro Influencers

Social Media influencers have been a part of digital marketing communications for a few years now, with many brands seeing the benefit of brand ambassadors. However, micro-influencers could be key to your social engagement and marketing in 2020. Micro-influencer can have a smaller audience, however, it tends to be more engagement and personalised. By working with nano-influencers on specific topics, there is a higher chance that their engaged audience is your target audience – given that you do your research right to find the right influencer for your brand.

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