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Mind The Gap Between Sales & Marketing

Mind The Gap Between Sales & Marketing Thump CreativeThe notorious gap between sales and marketing can be a large contributor to inhibiting new sales. Nowadays, the sales cycle seems to be longer than ever, which is why it is vital that marketing supports this process, every step of the way: from awareness to aftersales. When sales and marketing work together, research from shows that companies can achieve 27% fast three-year profit growth.

For successful new business, having leads is not enough. Purchasing decisions are made after a series of interactions and customer touchpoints. How does marketing help? Marketing ensures your sales teams are prepared, helps nurture, helps retain, and ultimately helps to convert.

Here’s how different marketing can improve your new business.

Marketing Message

Get your message right with marketing to help your sales. The art of attraction is about providing customers with content that is of value. Leads and prospects desire news and information about the things they care about. The right messaging can build relationship; the right relationships develop into trust; and trust drives business. Developing this messaging throughout the sales process can be achieved by targeting a balance of emotional connection and rational thinking. Smart messaging can elevate your product and drive sales forward. Thump can shift perceptions with strong brand messaging that is platform-specific and translatable throughout the sales journey.

Social Media

For today’s increasingly connected world, Social Media is a vital tool in new business development. Sales, at its very core, is about building strong relationship, and these can be leveraged and even enhanced through Social Media. Social Media is a strategic compass for new business development, a lens for potential customers to view, and the ideal platform to build dialogues with connected communities.

Social platforms enable lead nurturing more effectively than traditional sales techniques alone as 76% of buyers are ready to have a conversation on Social Media.

Social Media is the active voice of brands throughout the sales process, but every network has a different flavour, different application, and different methodology. Thump’s expertise ensures that your Social Media Marketing is on trend and relevant, with functionality, purpose, and creativity.

Email Marketing

You have multiple options: Read, Inbox, Spam, or Deleted. Which folder should your emails be in? Email marketing has the ability to create value and personal touchpoints with your leads and prospects. However, with the average email open rate rarely exceeding 20%, are you thinking outside the inbox creatively? Campaigns have to be unique and not just eye-catching, but click worthy. Plus sending emails is just not sufficient anymore. Email marketing programmes are more successful when working together with all of your business development activities.

Email newsletters with social sharing buttons have 115% high Click-Through Rate.
GetResponse Analysis

Integration across all channels of the sales and marketing campaign can offer better results and ensures continuous nurturing, even after initial hesitation.

Video Marketing

Did you know that 1 minute of video equal 1,800,000 of words? Who has the time to read all of that? Place, for decision makers, time is of the essence. Video is an excellent format as it provides the most amount of information about your business in the shortest amount of time. With video marketing, you have the opportunity to communicate visually with your prospects to entice, convince, and convert. Thump’s videos can diversify your offering, attract more prospects, and demonstrate the brand identity and expertise whilst continually keeping users engaged

Print Marketing

Who is supporting your sales process when your sales team isn’t around? Face to face networking is integral in the sales process, but having the right collateral as ammunition ensures your brand is always present even then they’re not around. Sales collateral can help convert prospects quicker and easier. Furthermore, when the sales rep has left, your collateral is left to reiterate the message and is available to be referred to again and again.

However, 80% of marketing content is rarely or never used by sales.

If you agree that content marketing is the way forward into today’s marketing landscape, you must also remember that sales collateral is part of your content campaign. Thump ensures that sales teams are fully equipped with all the collateral they need, when they need it, and providing your sales with the foundations to succeed.

Successful new business development is clearly more than lead generation, and Thump can help you achieve what you want. Discover how we do this with our Destination Marketing for New Business.