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Mind The Recruitment Gap and How Outsourcing Can Bridge It

Mind The Recruitment Gap and How Outsourcing Can Bridge It Thump CreativeWe all know that recruiting any staff, let alone marketing staff, is tough at the moment. And even if you do find the right candidate, it can take months to get them in and settled. Short-term outsourcing is a solution, especially when you cannot afford to be out of the limelight. Just take Social Media as one channel to market that relies on impetus and topicality if you’re out of the game you out of the game even if that is for a few months

It is widely recognised that there is a need for every business to be present on social media. However, ‘just’ having presence isn’t enough. Social media marketing isn’t about ticking a checkbox to say ‘my business is on Facebook’. Social Media marketing is about engaging with your audience, and the best way to maximise on this is with a dedicated agency to your digital marketing. You may have even tried Social Media marketing in-house and decided it wasn’t for you because you didn’t see results, but that’s where outsourcing can benefit your business even in the immediate short term.

Go outside and keep your foot on the accelerator

Marketing agencies like Thump have dedicated teams with trained specialists for Social Media, whereas the alternative may be someone internally that knows the basics, but with respect, is this enough for your business?

Social Media is an ever-growing and changing platform, with algorithm adjustments happening constantly. Would your in-house marketer know all of these changes? Google changes its search algorithm around 500-600 times a year, and without dedicated monitoring and adjustments, your business could be missing out. Within an agency, it is our job to be on trend and up to date with everything in the digital world, from hashtags to technology. Furthermore, when you outsource to an agency, you’ll be receiving collective knowledge from the whole team, not just one person.

Timing is everything

Trying to fit Social Media marketing into ‘when you have time’ rarely works well. Social media marketing is a full-time, dedicated business. It’s about having one unified voices across all platforms and optimised for each one. Social Media includes content creation, content planning and scheduling, ongoing optimisation, responding and conversing with consumers, evaluating analytics and performance with attention to detail on all elements. With 89% of Social Media requests going unanswered by brands because of timing issues, you could be pushing your audience towards your competitors.

Don’t talk to strangers they say!

Outsourcing to a dedicated marketing agency can actually also help your business learn, grow, achieve and adopt fresh, new perspectives. Invest in results with Thump Creative, Thump will become an extension of your business on social media, always staying on brief and on brand.

Where is thy sting?

Of course we all hope for long term relationships but even in the short term agencies can quickly grasp the nettle and deliver results.

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