Mindfulness at Work: How to De-stress and Focus


What is mindfulness?

 Essentially, mindfulness is a form of meditation. This does not mean crossing your legs, closing your eyes and staying still until the meaning of life appears to you; however, what it does consist of is finding peace in a somewhat frantic world. Mindfulness is a simple and adaptable tool to allow you to calm, de-stress and deal with your anxiety. This is achieved through a sense of self awareness. By focusing on yourself, and awareness of yourself; you can lose the troubles of your mind allowing relaxation and a free mind.

How can mindfulness help you with work?

Mindfulness can greatly improve productivity in the work place as it helps you produce better work. With the basis of mindfulness being a focus on the self, it is in its most basic form, attention training. So, by using mindful techniques, you can channel your focus and attention correctly. Without our minds getting distracted and being lost elsewhere, we can finish tasks quickly and more accurately.

Decision making is also much easier within the state of mindfulness. Mindfulness allows us to step away from an emotional state and biases. Decisions are consequentially made calmly and logically which is imperative for any business.

Further, stress is eradicated with mindfulness. When work builds up and the end doesn’t seem near, the easiest option is to push it way. As a result, the workloads builds until addressing it all becomes impossible. Mindfulness teaches us how to manage a stress build up primarily by redirecting negative thoughts into positive and productive ones.

All of these aspects set you up for a productive, creative and stress-free day at work, which is something we all need.

Examples of mindful activities

Obviously, achieving mindfulness is key to all of this, so here are some ways to help you along your way.

Mindful Breathing

This is the very core of strengthening your focus correctly, and is very simple. This exercise is to just identify breathing in as an ‘in-breath’ and breathing out as an ‘out-breath’. This is being mindful about basic tasks, such as breathing, by focusing solely on your breaths instead of  worrying about work for a few moments. This gives your brain a chance to re-charge and refresh.

Colouring In

If you have a few minutes spare, this childhood activity is a great mindful activity. Colouring in is a form of active meditation that focuses your attention on a very simple task which has a repetitive motion. Colouring in focuses your brain on the present with this creative task therefore blocks out any negative thoughts. There are many adult colouring books now that give you the opportunity to produce something beautiful very easily, with your mind taking a break.

Have a listen

Listening to music is another mindfulness activity which allow recuperation of the mind and blocks out worries. When listening to music, the sole focus is the present. However, it’s finding the right music to allow this. Try Erik Satie’s Gymnopedie No.1  or Eric Whitacre’s Lux Aurumque.


Now have a deep breath, and focus!

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