7 ways to improve your Monday morning

Sunday evening inevitably brings the fear of Monday morning. The fun of the weekend seems a memory and you’re not looking forward to the return to the ‘daily grind’ on Monday morning. But, we promise you, it’s not all doom and gloom. Thump has got their top tips for making your Monday morning and breeze to make you feel happy to be back at work.

Plan your Monday outfit on Sunday evening


Trying to decide what to wear is always a tricky decision. If you want to impress, but without the stress, look at your closet tonight. Decide to be bold and always have fun with what you wear. Looking great will instantly make you feel great, and you would have achieved it without frantically looking through the drawers

Stretch it out


Look after your body from the moment you wake up. We often end up sleep in awkward positions which can be bad for our spines and postures which gives a hunch to the morning straight away. Refresh by stretching every extremity for 15 seconds when you wake up. By stretching your muscles you will enhance the blood flow through your body which provides an extra shot of oxygen to all of your tissues.

Stop Snoozing


The snooze button is very tempting in the morning, but you should try and resist it. Getting out of bed is possibly one of the toughest tasks every Monday morning, but you’ll disrupt your body’s natural rhythm by keeping the snooze button. The constant interruptions of the REM cycle cause by snooze buttons do not coincide with how our bodies naturally wake. Put your alarm on for when you need it, and no more pressing snooze. If it’s really tricky, try placing the alarm out of arm’s reach.

Try something new with your breakfast


Toast and Marmite: the British classic. But, if you have this breakfast every morning, it becomes monotonous. A subconscious savoury reminder of the work ahead of yourself. So this Monday morning, try something new for your first meal of the day. Try something you’ve always wanted to try or a new recipe. Also, by having something sweet, your memory recall can be significantly increased throughout the day.

Treat yourself with your coffee


Getting through the day without multiple coffees seem difficult. However, make the first on the day something really special. Treat yourself to the best coffee you can get your hands one. Whether this is a cappuccino from a shop, or a strong filter coffee at home, the hit of deluxe caffeine can set you up the day providing both a treat and energy.

Musical inspiration


It is no surprise that music instantly can change our mood. We need to maximise on the power music has on our mood, and how this can affect the rest of the day. Put on your favourite happy song, sing and the shower and lift your mood instantly. Our favourite Monday morning pick-me-up is ELO’s Mr Blue Sky.

Be inspired

A Monday morning is there to start the adventure of the week. Although it may be tricky to get up, be inspired before walking into work. Read an inspirational quote to get your mind set on the week for what you will achieve.


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