Motivation and not procrastination

Keep checking the time? Tapping your fingers? Scouring the internet? We get it. You’re looking for procrastination, and trying to convince yourself there’s only a few more hours to go until work is over. However, we hope we can change your mind. We’ve got the top tips for you to avoid the procrastination temptation and get on-board the motivation train.

Environment built for motivation

Have a look around you. Is this the best way to be working? It is easy to become distracted with what’s around us. Take some time out of your day to tidy up your workspace. Having everything ordered makes us feel as if we’ve got things in control. If you feel as if your workspace is tidy and clean, it will be much more pleasant to spend your time there. Furthermore, there’s less distractions next in arm’s reach.

Take a break

Yes, this tip sounds counterproductive. However, a proper break away from the desk and the work you’re avoiding can really help motivate you. Take a walk away for five minutes. Time yourself so you know exactly when to get back to work. This will help motivate you, as your mind will no longer be wondering about all the possible things you could be doing. If possible, a five-minute break outside of the office will provide you with a new location to concentrate on, refocus your mind and allow you to come back to your assignment clearly.

Motivational to-do lists

Making a to-do list is a very simple, and almost therapeutic answer to getting yourself motivated. It can be very difficult to imagine completing a large amount to work. By making to-do lists you compartmentalise the long list of things you have to do into bite-size manageable piece. Part of the problem with many people procrastinating is that they simply don’t know where to begin. Further, there is definite satisfaction ticking things off your list. This satisfaction will drive yourself further to do more. If you’re particularly creative, try a bullet journal to organise yourself into working.

Bribe yourself into motivation

Everyone knows the fable of a dangling carrot in front of the donkey. Bribes such as this really do work, but don’t stick a carrot on your laptop! Set yourself a treat when you reach a goal. Once you achieve your deadline, you can reward yourself with anything you want. Tailor this to suit your needs and ability. If it’s at work, once you do 3 tasks on your to-do list you should give yourself a biscuit. It may sound childish but you can be astonished at the result of this positive reinforcement. Convince your brain that once you achieve, you receive.


Get working and do everything that you set yourself out to do today. Ensure your goals are achievable though, otherwise you will never complete anything. Use these tips to wake your brain up, and if they don’t work, be sure that you’ve procrastinated for another 5 minutes closer to leaving! Create your own motivation to complete your own goals.

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