Music to our Ears- Should we have music in the workplace?

Music / 18th August 2016 / Posted by Thump

Music in the office

Music- Help or Hindrance?

Music is renowned for its abilities to improve the lives of many, and in many different respects. From Beethoven making children more intelligent to music therapy aiding those who suffer from mental health, it’s obvious that the benefits are multi-faceted. However, does this mean that it should be in the office?

A MusicWorks survey asked 2,000 people in offices, warehouses and factories about how music affected their jobs. The findings confirmed that 72% of workers said they would prefer music at work. A staggering 84% determined  that it improves morale. Morale is integral to any workplace. It’s the inside cog which pushes the wheels of motivation, productivity and creativity. It is almost impossible to deny that a happy workplace is one which functions well. Considering its innate ability to improve moods, it would seem that music would be natural to office life.

However, just as it has the ability to affect the moods of workers, music can also be incredibly distracting. If your favourite tune is blaring out, it’s hard not to stop typing and start singing! So how can we adapt this culmination of creativity to incite it? To maximise the ability music has, it must be catered to suit your individual workplaces.


Thump’s Top Picks

It has been discovered that if your work involves tasks such as proof-reading and problem solving, it is best to listen to up-beat dance music. According to a study, when listening to this genre, participants were able to complete abstract reasoning tasks more quickly, and had more accurate results in spell-checking, solving equations and increase proof-reading speedy by 20pc.

Thump’s Recommendation

One More Time- Daft Punk

If you’re focusing on creative tasks, it’s best to avoid music with lyrics. Lyrics are incredibly distracting within a creative workplace. They become pinpoints to focus on and can turn the office into a murmuring karaoke bar. Now this doesn’t have to mean classical if you don’t enjoy it,  film soundtracks are a great alternative.

Thump’s Recommendation

Time (Inception Soundtrack) – Hans Zimmer

When the office mood is down, having a quick feel-good song can never hurt. They can be a small reprise from monotonous office life. They give your brain a  chance to recuperate and switch off for only 4 minutes. Whether it’s a song which reminds you of your childhood or simply a happy melody, feel-good songs are the perfect break for everyone.

Thump’s Recomendation

Toto- Africa

Listen away, and discover what’s best for your workplace!

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