The Perfect Omni-Channel Experience

Disneyland Omni-Channel

What is an Omni-Channel Experience?

It is estimated that the average adult now spends more than 50% of their time with digital media. Smartphones have become the clear channel of choice, made obvious with over half of smartphone users claiming they couldn’t imagine their lives without their smart phones, according to the Huffington Post. With consumers active on so many digital channels, a multichannel approach to sales is more than a privilege. It has developed into a necessity.  Brands must align their physical products and digital touch-points with the needs of consumers to offer a seamless shopping experience known as an omni-channel experience.

Omni-channel shopping presents a dramatic shift in how we think about retail, but it’s a change that comes with a huge opportunity. It’s all about making the consumers life as easy as possible. Omni-channel shopping gives customers what they’re craving for instantly and provides relevant information, no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Who provides Omni-Channel Shopping?

A great example of this is Disney, who provide a truly omni-channel experience. The experience starts on their mobile responsive website. Visitors can then plan an entire Disney trip on a smartphone or tablet using a mobile app to locate attractions and estimated waiting times. The experience gets even better with their MagicBand, a tech studded wristband, which acts as a hotel room key, currency, photo storage device, and even allows you to order food. It is the only item you need when physically attending one of their parks. Everything works seamlessly and makes the amusement park experience that much more delightful.

Disney have not only created a magical experience with various brand touch points, but they have a powerful resource that lets them understand what their customers are doing and feeling throughout the journey. This is the perfect tool for research into how your consumers are acting as you can easily access data which figures out what is working and what they can change about their experience to make it even better.

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