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Growing up in the 90s, it was hard not to be involved in the Pokémon craze of trading cards and playing all the Gameboy games. At the time, this revolutionised the gaming world and yet again, Pokémon has captured our imagination with Pokémon GO.

The Pokémon Go craze has set the whole world alight over the past month with over 100 million downloads so far and counting! The amount of people walking about the streets with their phones out, rushing around trying to catch ‘em all is a sight hard to miss.

Sitting at work, with a Pokémon gym across the road, it’s hard not to notice users battling their Pokémons. With a gym right next door, we can fight from our desks. Peering through the window after constantly claiming our gym and looking at people’s bewildered faces trying to figure out the Gym champions is procrastination heaven.

Being so close to the gym has obviously helped pick up a number of useful tips for them. Which are shared below!

Why Gyms are important

The gyms in Pokémon GO can be very valuable to you as not only do you gain the XP which helps you to level up you also can earn Pokécoins from holding them. For each gym that you hold you can earn 10 Pokécoins and 500 stardust which is also helpful to level your Pokémon up.  You can collect your Pokécoins from holding gyms once every 24 hours. To do this go to the shop and press the little shield badge to claim your hard earned coins!!

Getting Started

Once you have reached Level 5 (which should happen reasonably quickly) you can then go to a Gym and will have the choice on which Team to Join you get too choose between: Instinct, Mystic or Valor. (Yellow, Blue and Red)

This makes it easy to see who owns which gyms as they light up in these colours.


Don’t jump in too early! At the start, your Pokémon aren’t going to be very high level and no doubt you will be coming up against higher CP Pokémons in the gyms. Make sure you level up sufficiently and have some high CP Pokémon so you can take down the gym and make it yours!

Fighting isn’t the same as the Gameboy games with turn based battles as all 90s kids will remember. Pokémon Go battling consists of tapping as quick as you can! You can dodge attacks as well by swiping your Pokémon to the left or right.

Before you go battle make sure you select the order of battle. Pokémon GO will auto fill this for you with the best Pokémon it thinks will do well. You may want to change this around yourself or dive straight in! Remember to make use of your Pokémon’s moves and know which type is effective against each other. Winning battles is much easier if you have Pokémon knowledge as you will know which moves are super effective. Super effective moves will cause much more damage, so knowing that your electric Pokémon will wipe out water Pokémon is particularly handy.

Once you have a strong enough group of Pokémon, with some over 1000 CP or at least near to this, go find your nearest gym to battle it out!

Battle with your friends

If you can fight gyms with your friends, your chances of taking it over are much higher. The more trainers that fight together, the quicker you will make your opponent faint and take control of the gym. This is a really great tip if you have weaker Pokémon. The more, the merrier!

Plus, once you have beaten the gym you can all put your Pokémon into it. This makes it even harder for others to take control.

Training up the Gym

Once you have control of the gym, training it up is essential if you want to create a stronghold and keep your Pokécoins bankroll on the rise! The amount of Pokémon you can keep in a gym depends on the prestige of a gym.  The higher the prestige, the more Pokémon the gym can hold. With every level it rises, 1 more Pokémon is allowed. The breakdown of gym prestige is in the table below.  Remember,  the more Pokémon in the gym, the harder it is for trainers to break it down and take control.


So get out there, get battling and take those gyms to earn your Pokécoins!!!

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