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Kohinoor Thump Creative


Thump was tasked to design a creative campaign for social media in order to increase the brand awareness for Indian Food company, Kohinoor, and encourage product trials from mainstream retailers.


The overall brand strategy for Kohinoor, as created by Thump Creative, is ‘Sharing The Joy’. With this in mind, we created a series of online creative executions that demonstrate this core messaging of ‘joy’ within a product context. The creative concept focused on expression, product information, and product availability. The copy of these portraits were intentionally impassioned and unique in order to create emotional pull-through. This was then supported with recipe videos we directed and edited, as a secondary consideration driver to try the products. The subjects of our ‘Joy’ portraits were in relation to the identified audiences in our strategies.


Our objective was to create a digital ‘smile’ that is naturally mirrored by the consumer therefore creating a connection and encouragement to share. This emotional content has proven to perform better on social channels and ultimately have influence on purchasing decisions.


Social Media