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At the time, Novia was a new company pioneering and delivering a new way for IFAS maximise the benefits of class leading financial services through proven technology. Novia fulfills its business aims and enable advisers to exploit their potential through fully utilising the benefits of technology. The Novia offering brings additional valued benefits to advisers and investors.


The name Novia was derived from the Latin term ‘nova’, meaning ‘new way’. This represented the underpinning unique proposition of Novia being technology and innovation. The end result, in terms of logo design, was a clean image that uses the forward slash to depict the association with new technology.  This symbol is used throughout computing commands, therefore symbolising the digital world. The soft colourways and friendly typeface used also denote the approachable nature of the business. As part of our brand development remit, Thump created brand standard guidelines for adherence throughout the organisation.