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Ravenwood Hall

Ravenwood Hall


Ravenwood Hall is a country house and hotel based near Bury St Edmunds. Thump currently handles their Social Media, PPC Advertising, and web management. With the upcoming winter months, Ravenwood needed colaterral for their winter events in order to promote at Point of Sale as well as a brochure drop.


Thump designed and printed 4 different print executions for Ravenwood for their different offers. The Christmas brochure was an A5 landscape booklet that contained key details about the Christmas events as well as beautiful pictures of the menu and the location. The other 3 executions were A4 flyers, with 1 double sided, that created a enticing and creative offer for Ravenwood. The creative execution also includes typographic interest, core colouring to reflect seasonality and trends, as well as clear calls to action.


Print, Social Media