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Smokey and Friends

Smokey and Friends


Anna Tayler had an old and outdated website that didn’t represent her children’s books or her work as an author. She found the website difficult to navigate, looking tired, and often got hacked. She desired a more up to date website that was supported with social media market marketing.


Thump developed a fully responsive website that appealed to both parents and children, her primary demographic. A bright a fresh feel was developed, keeping the nature of Anna Tayler’s characters, Smokey and Friends, and the forefront. The website is both child-friendly and easy to navigate, with plenty of information and buying options for parents for a seamless ecommerce journey. Thump included a series of games which are optimised for different devices and all relevant to the children’s books. We now support her website on our hosting services to increase her cyber security, therefore reducing the risk of hacking. Thump also created a separate professional website to help Anna as an author. We optimised social channels for Smokey and Friends for eye catching and cohesive platforms to engage with the audience of Smokey. A strategic social media marketing campaign will ensue on these channels to increase brand visibility.


The client, Anna Tayler, is pleased with her new website and believes it is much more engaging and modern than her previous one.

I have so enjoyed working with Thump Creative, and cannot thank you all enough for producing such a beautiful new website for the Adventures of Smokey and Friends.
Anna Louise Tayler

You can visit the new website here.


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