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The Big Prawn Company

The Big Prawn Company


The Big Prawn Company is one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK, with a focus on changing perspectives in the seafood industry. Whilst their product offering is expanding with sustainable sourcing taking place globally, Big Prawn were receiving many awards and taking positive strides, however, their digital marketing did not represent their values as a company. Thump was hired to transform their website and take their digital marketing to the next level.


Thump starts every project from a strategic position. We looked in depth at the demographic, the aims of the website, the promise of Big Prawn, in set out a strategic document. Within this strategic document we mapped out the various user journeys, interests, and pain points within the different demographics in the audience. We identified 4 core areas that summarised the values of Big Prawn: Inspired, Care, Know, and Together. These areas all formed delivering excellence in seafood, which is the primary promise of Big Prawn. We developed a unique website that focused on content and portraying the stories within Big Prawn – from their expertise in seafood to their global and sustainable sourcing efforts. Thump has taken on the editorial role of the website with content creation and managing contributors and influencers to the website. We also developed a strategic social media strategy for 5 different platforms to distribute the content effectively and creatively to the audiences.


In under a week, The Big Prawn website has seen an increase with online behaviour and audiences including users, new users, sessions, pages per session, and session duration. The social acquisition to the website has increased by 2,750%. On Facebook, post engagements have increased by 128%, video views by 100% and page views by 267%. On Twitter, the profile views for Big Prawn have increased by 1,056.4%.


Social Media, Video