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Blakes Interiors & Decor, formerly Blakes Decorators Centre wanted their own brand identity. Blakes Decorators Centre was previously created as an arm of a well known local business: Blakes Decorators. The Decorator Centre offered luxury brands such as Farrow & Ball and Little Green in their showroom, however, their brand didn’t represent this offering. The brand identity was almost non-existent with no brand proposition or even log. The brief included a complex relationship between Blakes Decorators and Blakes Decorators Centre as the brands are naturally integrated yet Blakes Decorators Centre also wanted to have a brand identity that can be considered standalone. Furthermore, the new brand had to represent their offering.


Thump Creative started with a brand building exercise to ensure we understand the nature and behaviour of their audience. This is vital with our branding projects as it allows us to understand how the brand is currently perceived and what the ambition is for how the brand should be perceived. In regards to the brand identity, the business is colloquially known as Blakes, therefore we retained this part of the brand. The subtitle and brand descriptor has been adjusted to Interiors & Decor as the business offering includes paint, wallpaper, home furnishings and more. The brands in this retail store are high-end and luxury, therefore our logo had to represent this immediately through the visuals. We created a metallic gold style box which represent the interior floor plan with gaps to suggest doors and windows with a serif style typeface.


Within seconds of seeing the logo, 3 different personalities of Blakes Interiors & Decor agreed that this was the brand identity they had been searching for. Thump is now working on their new website and Social Media Marketing.


Blakes Interiors & Decor
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