Euroview Brand



Following Euroview’s move to focusing and competing only within its bigger commercial marketing having sold its domestic operation, their brand needed to represented this elevated business offering. Their previous logo and name, Village Glass was clearly no longer fit for purpose.


Thump started the creative process, as we always do, by listening and understanding the business of Euroview and their aspirations for their new brand. From here, we were able to build the foundation of their business ambitions. We focused on a few keywords that embodied the company: dynamic, collaborative, confident, and memorable. Thump were keen for the logo graphic to be a symbol, as it gives an authoritative and credible perception; especially given within their industry, symbols and stamps are often used as official accreditation. This logo now stands for experience and a standard of operation. furthermore, with the new commercial venture and the millions of pounds of new technology they had invested in, Euroview’s brand also needed to emphasise their modernity and innovation.


Thump created a simple yet effective logo. The bold ‘E’ symbolises a building block, with a glass. The subtly tinted shape gave a dynamic 3-dimensional feel. The typography used is a geometric sans serif typeface that is based on Richard Neutra’s principles of architecture and design. The memorability of this branding revolution comes as a combination of a well-considered concept of the delicate blue colour and the strength of the typography and shape.


Euroview Architectural Glass
Glass and Facade
Branding and design