Nōtan Integrated Blinds



BCB UK recognised the need for new branding, considering their current acronym represented products that were no longer part of their offering. Furthermore, BCB UK wanted a brand that truly represented the forward thinking and innovative integrated blinds they offer. Although a B2B operation, BCB wanted a brand that also resonated with their consumer audience for pull-through as well as their primary audience: installers.


Using our unique branding framework, Thump devised Nōtan Integrated Blinds. Our branding framework looks into the values, tone of voice, personality, purpose, and personality of the product offering and how that can be conveyed in our branding work. Nōtan is a Japanese design and art form that depicts the balance between light and dark, and focuses on the harmony of the two – much like an integrated blind would do. The contrast between light and dark draws the eye in a composition together, which we have represented through a green gradient and use of white space in the logo creating an ‘N’. Our brand represents the harmonious shading in a sleek and modern way, with simply and easy balancing of shape and colour.


Thump looks forward to fulfilling an integrated marketing approach for Nōtan Integrated Blinds including corporate literature, brochures, a new website, and social media marketing.