Social media: Ready for the 2017 revolution

Social media has become integral lives, and has done for many years. Whether it’s for business or personal, everyone uses it in some form. The digital world constantly evolves, and Thump has compiled the social media channels and changes which will revolutionise life of 2017.

Social Media rivalry

The Facebook vs. Snapchat rivalry has grown for many years. Facebook has long been the big player of social media, boasting a worth more than $340 billion. However, Snapchat wants to take it on. With many Facebook applications, such as Instagram, copying features of Snapchat, it’s safe to say the rivalry is very much alive. 2017 will give platform for the rising star Snapchat to take a shot at long time social media champion, Facebook.

Welcoming the bots

Part of the appeal of social media is the ease of it all. 2016 was the year of chatbots, which handle customer service and conversations, such as Siri. Being able to achieve in a click of a button or a simple command will no longer be a luxury in 2017. Bots will continue to grow, and soon be able to do so much more than currently.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality has changed the premise of the digital age. Previously, a concept kept strictly for popular culture, augmented reality has become a digital reality. The Pokémon Go craze was radical, with every venture outside being met by Charmander hunters. However, Pokémon was just the start. This technology is now in the plans of major online corporations including Google, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat.

Listen to my voice

Voice command is currently limited.  Whether Apple’s Siri doesn’t understand your accent or Amazon’s Alexa cannot pronounce your contact’s name, voice command can be a struggle. However, in 2017, this technology will surge in its refinement and abilities. Some of the new abilities include geo-locators. These allow results to vary based on the location of the speaker. We are busy people, and we are sure that’s not going to stop in 2017, therefore sophisticated voice command devices will help us in many ways.

Marketing social media

Marketing changes with the time, and social media is integral to this. Previously, social media was just used as a platform to direct to website content, however, 2017 predicts a new style of marketing strategy to come to form. Many businesses should start to consider to use social networks as the primary content producer. This trend has been aided by emerging opportunities to buy directly on social medias such as Facebook and Instagram. If you think you need to analyse and evaluate your social media strategy for business, call Thump on 01638 663600 to discuss social media marketing.


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