Social media keyboard shortcuts you should know

Time is precious and social media is quick. We’re finding new and quicker ways to do everything on social media to help you out. Check out some of the top social media keyboard shortcuts that can save you plenty of time. Remember, those few seconds add up. Using these shortcuts, you can save up to eight days a year!

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Facebook keyboard shortcuts vary depending on computer operating system and the browser you choose to use.

Chrome for PC: Alt +
Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt +
Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + (number) + Enter
Chrome, Safari, and Firefox for Mac: Ctrl + Opt +

To use these keyboard shortcuts, you have to first press these keys and then add the desired numbered shortcuts below.

Home: 1
Timeline: 2
Friends: 3
Inbox: 4
Notifications: 5
Settings: 6
Activity Log: 7
About: 8

You can also use keyboard shortcuts for actions on Facebook. For these shortcuts, you don’t need to press the Alt/Ctrl buttons.

Scroll down on news feed: j
Scroll up on news feed: k
See more: Enter
Write status: p
Like: l
Comment: c
Share: s
Open the link or photo: o

Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Seamlessly flick between different twitter pages with a simple keyboard click.

Home: g + h
Notifications: g + n
Mentions g + r
Profile: g+ p
Likes: g + l
Lists: g + I
Messages: g + m
Settings: g + s

Twitter also has different keyboard shortcuts to help you tweet.

Compose new tweet: n
Send tweet: Cmd + enter or Ctrl + enter
Next tweet: j
Previous tweet: k
Like: l
Reply: r
Retweet: t
Direct Message: m
Open photo: o

Youtube Keyboard Shortcuts

These Youtube shortcuts are primarily useful for listening and viewing of videos.

Play/Pause: Space Bar
Rewind: <
Fast Forward: >
Full Screen: F
Exist full screen: esc
Mute sound: M
Seek backwards 10 seconds: Ctrl + <
Seek forwards 10 seconds: Ctrl + >

What’s the most useful keyboard shortcut for Social Media you know?


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