Case Studies

Kohinoor is an Indian food product company. We designed a new hybrid magazine style website which shares the joys of India through the senses across food, culture, health and travel. Alongside this, we created and maintain their social media channels


The primary goal of the social media was to engage with a researched and targeted demographic audience and to create awareness of the new website. The new Kohinoor Joy website was a completely new and modern venture in direction and style from their previous, and they wanted their social media engagement to reflect this direction.


Thump created individual strategies for the social media platforms. The social media for Kohinoor Joy is used as the primary marketing for the new website. We focus on the building of following and frequent posting on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


In 28 days on Facebook, this has been the change

– Actions on the page increased by 240%
– Post reach increased by 400% to 65,300
– Page likes increased by 1,089%
– Video views increased by 357,829% to 25,055

On the Twitter account, in 28 days

– 37.8K impressions
– 3,753 profile visits
– 122 mentions from users
– 504 new followers