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Thump CaseStudyHB


Hinchingbrooke Healthcare NHS Trust provides health care for the people of Huntingdonshire and surrounding areas. More than 161,000 people rely on the hospital as the local hospital of choice offering first class, innovative, patient focused care. The previous hospital website was being questioned in its design and the Content Management System (CMS) that underpinned it was very complex and difficult to work with. The website was not good in relation to WAI and the navigation was awkward. Thump wanted to create a new look for the website with enhanced usability and project the image of the Trust as on organisation of innovation and excellence in health and dedicated care in the local community.


Thump designed an exciting, clean and fresh website using the colours fitting to the NHS’s colour palette and brand guidelines. The website designed by Thump introduced a range of icons and a clear navigation structure in order to aid visitors and the specific things about the services they required quickly and easily, whilst maintaining the broad range of information required by patients across the NHS Trust as a whole. Thump also used their bespoke CMS. This system allowed the Trust to keep the site up-to-date by enabling a number of personnel access to the site in a user-friendly manner. The CMS enables differing levels of protocol access, which is inherently simple despite vast quantities of information; it also has the ability to create new pages within a number of page styles, along with the normal editing functionality for existing pages. This user-friendly CMS also permits styling changes in a format that is readily identifiable for all word users.


The new website had immediate impact with positive feedback about its cleaner interface and simpler usability which lead to a 32% increase in users three months after launch. The Communications Specialist at Hinchingbrooke Health Care NHS Trust, Karol McCaul commented that the new website is now a valuable communication tool for the hospital and several departments want to add extra features and expand their sections in the next development.