Case Studies


Having previously engaged with Thump with many different aspects of marketing, including the set up of their social media profiles, Prestige wanted to use their social media better. They had the profiles set up but wanted optimal exposure of their current offering and build brand awareness through the social media following.


Currently, we are working on Facebook and Twitter with Prestige. Their previous activity included both of these channels, however, the strategy across the both was the same. Thump has created individual strategies for Facebook and Twitter, which has proven much more successful in their analytics.


In 28 days on Facebook, this has been the change

– Actions on page have increased by 300%
– Page views have increased by 342%
– Page likes have increased by 820%
– Post engagement has increased by 547%
– Video views have increased by 31,676%
– Total reach has increased by 1,360%


On the Twitter account, in 28 days

– Tweets has increased by 3,000%
– Tweet impressions  increased by 547.6%
– Profile visits  increased by 855%
– Mentions   has increased by 1,300%
– Number of followers has increased by 118