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Thump CaseStudyRelianceLW


Having formed a successful, longstanding relationship with Reliance, Thump was given the opportunity to create and implement the branding strategy, as well as an entire communication package for their end-to-end lone worker protection solutions. With a diverse and extensive range of products, from devices to smart phone applications, this was an exciting challenge to project confidence in the Reliance brand and their new product offering. At Thump, we wanted to reflect the innovative nature of the technology used by Reliance, whilst instilling trust within the target audience and the peace of mind that their products provide.


Although the importance of lone worker protection was the central message within this project, having an impact and ensuring those we were tasked with communicating with understood Reliance was the best choice for lone worker protection was our ultimate goal. Initially starting with a logo that exemplified the safety and assurance provided by Reliance, Thump went on to produce a range of brochures with detailed information to showcase benefits, as well as case studies that further demonstrated the credibility of the brand. In addition to assisting with the launch of Reliance Lone Worker, Thump also produced an impressive video advertisement campaign that enabled Reliance to reach a wider audience and increase their market share within the lone worker protection industry.


Following Thump’s contribution to the Reliance Lone Worker launch, they went on to become the number one supplier to the NHS for lone worker protection. Supporting over 50,000 users across numerous private and public sector organisations, the success of the project was instant and still continues to grow. Reliance is now widely regarded as the market leading lone worker solution, known to be an innovator, a reliable support service and constantly at the forefront of minimising cost, mitigating risk and providing organisations and their staff with the safety and peace of mind they need.