Surprise and delight marketing

Surprise and delight marketing gifts

Surprise and delight marketing is becoming progressively more common as consumer behavioural preferences have changed significantly over the last decade. As the title simply suggests, this style of marketing campaign focuses on surprising consumers to incite positive and happy feelings toward the brands essentially. Surprise and delight is ultimately a gift for a consumer.

The power of surprise and delight marketing

 Surprise and delight marketing sounds like a ‘nice’ idea, but does it have any impact? It creates a somewhat personal feel to the brand. Further, it has the ability to bridge the gap between consumer to loyal customer. With the majority of marketing campaigns focused on the internet, there’s a lot of noise. Surprise and delight marketing cuts through all of this noise to ensure your brand is recognised and memorable.

The power of surprise and delight marketing is held within the power of the emotion. According to Emory University, humans really enjoy being surprised. This is what Dr P. Read Montague states on the matter:

‘The region [ in the brain ] lights up like a Christmas tree on the MRI when you receive an unexpected surprise…people are designed to crave the unexpected.’

If people crave the unexpected, then that’s exactly what marketing campaigns should do. Surprise and delight marketing has the ability to raise brand awareness and strengthen brand relations.

Great examples of surprise and delight marketing

Here are some of our favourite surprise marketing campaigns to inspire you.


Tropicana is the breakfast staple of orange juice. Its renowned for its ability to bring sunshine to the kitchen table with its Californian origin. Tropicana’s campaign ‘Brighter mornings for brighter days’ also used surprise and delight tactics. Tropicana trekked to the Canadian Arctic where they go days without sunlight to give them a ray of sunshine. Tropicana brought the sun to the arctic, brought juice to the everyone in Inuvik and ultimately smiles to all. Watch here how it all happened.


When you’ve got the sniffles and feeling under the weather, it feels wonderful if a friend surprises you with some tissues, medicine and anything else to make you feel better. Well, Kleenex removed the middle man. This unforgettable campaign from Kleenex combined the power of surprise with the power of social media. By searching through Facebook posts, Kleenex identified 50 people who were feeling ill as winter approached and sent them Kleenex ‘Feel Good’ kits. All recipients were extremely surprised and overwhelmed with this kits, that 100% of them took to social media to document this gift. Did Kleenex benefit from this? Certainly, with 650,000 impressions and 1,800 interactions, all from some boxes of tissues! Watch here how it all happened.


Surprise and delight campaigns create authentic emotional connections between brand and consumer. This has become a vital necessity as people are becoming sick of the corporate brands which they cannot relate to or have no personality. Further, its a style of campaign which can lend itself to a variety of different brands, proven by its appearance in music marketing for example, Beyoncé’s Lemonade.



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