Social media: improve your results


Social media is an extremely powerful tool and should feature in every business’ marketing strategy. The power of social media channels should not be overlooked as the possibilities are endless and are held within every smartphone, tablet and desktop. However, your business has to be using this digital power correctly. Thump prides itself on its knowledge and use of the…

Motivation and not procrastination


Keep checking the time? Tapping your fingers? Scouring the internet? We get it. You’re looking for procrastination, and trying to convince yourself there’s only a few more hours to go until work is over. However, we hope we can change your mind. We’ve got the top tips for you to avoid the procrastination temptation and get on-board the motivation train. Environment…

Email etiquette: How to say goodbye

Business, Marketing

Dear Reader, Starting an email is easy. In the majority of situations, you can use a mixture of ‘dear’, ‘hello’, or even ‘hi’. However, what about signing off? Signing off is the lasting impression you’ll have on the reader, therefore you must think about this carefully. Mostly, consider your relationship with the correspondent, your reason for emailing and in general,…