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Rethinking Brand Architecture for Modern Marketing


Brand Architecture is simply the structure of multiple brands within 1 organisation. This structure states the relationships between brands within a company’s portfolio including relations and differentiations. For organisations that have multiple brands, this structure is integral as it reflects and reinforces the core purpose of the corporate parent brand, as well as support and manage the sub-divisions. As the…

5 easy ways to improve your business presentations


Every business recognises the importance of presentations. To capture attention and truly make an impact, your presentational skills should reflect the standard of the work and your business. These are some of the biggest presentation trends for 2017. Conversational Presenting In a conversation, your brain naturally syncs up and mirrors to your partner. Conversational presenting has proven to be extremely…

5 reasons your business needs digital marketing


The modern world is almost entirely dictated by the technology that surrounds us, as should your marketing strategy. In order to help your business grow, Thump can help you with creative digital marketing. This will give your business the best opportunity for competition and growth. Digital marketing is cost-effective  This is especially important if you’re a SME. As a small and…

Inbound marketing: Attracting customers to you


Inbound marketing is all about bringing potential customers to you. It is all about your marketing making you desirable, rather than focusing your marketing on fighting for attention. What is inbound marketing? Briefly put, inbound marketing is a strategy which utilises many forms of pull marketing. By creating content that is specifically designed for your audience, there is interest. You can…

Emotional advertising- the new market research


Market research is often considered the very fundamental of anything involved in advertising. We advertise to an audience, therefore understanding what the audience wants and needs is absolutely integral. However, traditional market research as we know it is in decline, with emotional tracking registering decision-making and responses becoming more favourable. Market research of emotion Market research has always been very…

Millennial Marketing: Are you missing the mark?


In Thump’s previous blog, we saw how the older generation are consistently being ignored and misunderstood by marketers, but they’re not alone. The Millennial generation is often considered a challenge in the marketing world, simply owing to the shift in behavioural patterns from previous generations. So, who are these Millenials, why are they so different, and how should you be targeting them?…