5 reasons your business needs digital marketing


The modern world is almost entirely dictated by the technology that surrounds us, as should your marketing strategy. In order to help your business grow, Thump can help you with creative digital marketing. This will give your business the best opportunity for competition and growth. Digital marketing is cost-effective  This is especially important if you’re a SME. As a small and…

Inbound marketing: Attracting customers to you


Inbound marketing is all about bringing potential customers to you. It is all about your marketing making you desirable, rather than focusing your marketing on fighting for attention. What is inbound marketing? Briefly put, inbound marketing is a strategy which utilises many forms of pull marketing. By creating content that is specifically designed for your audience, there is interest. You can…

The world of stock photos


As a marketing agency, Thump is very familiar with stock photos. Having a visual pleasing aesthetic is integral anything involved with marketing. The easiest way to ensure visuals is with the use of stock photos. However, as any marketer knows, the stereotypes and clichés in stock photos are overwhelmingly. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite stock photos stereotypes, and…