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Email marketing: alive and kicking


In 2014, there were 4.35 billion email address accounts globally. Predictions for the future state that by 2019, this figure will be around 5.59 billion resulting in an overall growth of 26%. Many people struggle to live without their emails, for even an hour. This isn’t that surprising, considering in 2014, an astonishing 122,500,453,020 emails were sent every hour. So…

Flexibility Fuels Originality

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The success of many small agencies depends on the ability to leverage flexibility and develop fresh ideas. Taking Thump as an example, each team member must be an expert at his or her job but also requires the flexibility to develop additional skills. Being a small agency, we can encourage this personal development as it ultimately leads to development of the…



Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has lost its credibility, modern day consumers are not fooled by brands that appear to be doing good, which is why social purpose as an evolution of CSR is the way forward. Consumers’ today have lots of choice, so it takes something special to get their attention. More than simply buying products, they want to be part of movements and…


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As expressive and creative as advertisers and marketers want to be, they more often than not have to adhere to certain restrictions. Sometimes those restrictions may be imposed on them by a client, it may even be their intended audience but there is one universal restriction amongst modern day creatives. Time. We are fighting a constant battle to do more,…