Motivation and not procrastination


Keep checking the time? Tapping your fingers? Scouring the internet? We get it. You’re looking for procrastination, and trying to convince yourself there’s only a few more hours to go until work is over. However, we hope we can change your mind. We’ve got the top tips for you to avoid the procrastination temptation and get on-board the motivation train. Environment…

Thump Welcomes New Business Developer


Thump offers a big welcome to Theresa Bradstreet as our New Business Developer. Theresa has an incredible and extensive experience within sales, stretching across a wide range of industries including travel, computers, cars and advertising. She describes herself as a ‘serial entrepreneur’ and has set up many businesses. What attracts Theresa to this, is the thrill of new start ups…

Music to our Ears- Should we have music in the workplace?


Music- Help or Hindrance? Music is renowned for its abilities to improve the lives of many, and in many different respects. From Beethoven making children more intelligent to music therapy aiding those who suffer from mental health, it’s obvious that the benefits are multi-faceted. However, does this mean that it should be in the office? A MusicWorks survey asked 2,000 people…