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Social media: Ready for the 2017 revolution


Social media has become integral lives, and has done for many years. Whether it’s for business or personal, everyone uses it in some form. The digital world constantly evolves, and Thump has compiled the social media channels and changes which will revolutionise life of 2017. Social Media rivalry The Facebook vs. Snapchat rivalry has grown for many years. Facebook has long…

Pokémon GO Tips & Tricks- Gym Guide


Growing up in the 90s, it was hard not to be involved in the Pokémon craze of trading cards and playing all the Gameboy games. At the time, this revolutionised the gaming world and yet again, Pokémon has captured our imagination with Pokémon GO. The Pokémon Go craze has set the whole world alight over the past month with over…


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Based on the Nintendo Pokémon franchise of the 90’s, Pokémon Go is a free augmented reality (AR) mobile game. Using GPS technology and your phone’s camera function, the app makes Pokémon appear around you, at which point you throw ‘Pokéballs’ at the pocket monsters to catch them. Users take the role of a Pokémon trainer catching Pokémon monsters by exploring the…